My Wish, My Hope, My Fears

What I want, for you my friend,
is for you to move through life as joyfully as you can live it!
I want you to SHOUT life from your very soul!
I want you to be able to look yourself in the eye and know
that you have un-regrettably and unforgettably lived according to your heart and your intrinsic abilities
Realizing nothing in life is a certainty – except uncertainty and change,
I know it can’t all be sunshineyness-
it can’t be without pain and mistakes and down time.
I’m not saying that at all.
I am saying that if you can end each day at peace with yourself,
knowing that while you can’t foresee the outcome of all your decisions,
you can honestly say that you decided based on what you felt was the right thing to do FOR YOU,
then you can be assured that there would be no regrets for that day.
And really, we just have that.
Today. You know?

You bring so much to the table that is uniquely YOU!

And all these things –
all that you are,
Every single thing that makes you shiny and unique, wonderful and inspiring?
NONE of it would be possible
unless you were freely choosing to give it.
And that reassures and dispels
the fears and uncertainty I feel at the thought of losing your friendship in the currents of life .
AND…it makes it all the more important to me that
whatever path you choose for yourself and your life…
that you be happy and content, joyful and inspiring
I am inspired and grateful
In ways that once eluded me
but that I find both familiar and


2 Responses

  1. i’d like to bounce these wishes right back to you too!

    i have this new thing i live by, it makes the past easier to live with sometimes and can stop that beating yourself about the head… every decision you made was the right one, at that time!

  2. Werd! 🙂 Thanx Shadow – I will remember that

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