Osho – In the Moment

I love reading Osho. I never realized how much I do, until I started reading through my “saves” in my “Quips and Quotes” folder! So many of the concepts and statements that made me think or caused me to jump inside and say “YES! That’s exactly what I mean!” have been written by him. I visit the site often (though to be honest, its not nearly as much as I used to!) and go to the “No thought of the day”, among other links.


What starts out playfully and simply, takes you on a journey through unexpected depths. You never can be sure what you’ve got on the end of your fishing line. A little nibble can lead to a big rumpus. Are you ready to get drenched in emotion and come out the other side shining?

“All that you have to understand is: be authentically in the present, because there is no other reality anywhere. This small moment, this silence — and suddenly you will feel something arising from the very depths of your being. It has always been there; you never gave it a chance. You have been wandering everywhere, but you have not allowed your innermost core just a little space, a little time”.

Osho, excerpted from From Bondage to Freedom




2 Responses

  1. “Are you ready to get drenched in emotion and come out the other side shining?” beautifully said! and quite accurate too, if you think about it…

  2. Dangit! Shadow beat me to the best line….WHAT A THOUGHT! I can see why you like this guy. I can see the emotion literally washing over.
    Thanks LeLe

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