Expectations and Goofy Golf


My ‘scope this morning, which comes up on my Google homepage, said this:

Fear of losing control of your schedule today may trick you into being so rigid that everything falls apart. The more you micromanage your calendar, the less stable it becomes. Instead of trying to react preemptively, ride the currents of change and handle a problem only after it surfaces.      Friday, March 21, 2008

 So I tried to take that advice to heart as I maneuvered through my day, which was actually much fuller than usual. Something like this *  🙂 = “riding the currents of change” for a better outcome * :

My eldest was to leave at 10, so I made sure I was up and coherent before 9:30 (it was a late night) ;she ended up leaving closer to 10:30, so I got an extra few minutes to make sure she had everything. 🙂 (we still missed her camera though!)

I had to be across town to get my hair cut at 1:15 and being “estimation challenged”, I ended up arriving 25 minutes early. So I took the opportunity to journal. 🙂

At 1:20, I began to wonder if I had the right date, as my hair dresser wasn’t even at the shop yet, so I called him on his cell, only to find out that he was parking behind the building and would be right in. So I got done on time – around 2:30. 🙂 Enough time to drive back across town to the house before …

My youngest had to be at a birthday party at 3; but when I got home to see if she was ready, she said “change of plans, Mom…the party time was moved back to 4”, so I had time to grab a bite to eat before leaving. 🙂

We were supposed to pick her up at 6, but arrived around 6:15. The next thing on our agenda was to meet 2 friends and their families at a restaurant at 6:30 -we were there FIRST (I’m usually late!). 🙂

The “agenda” was to meet up and eat, then head over to play 18 holes of Goofy Golf. I had tried to reach one of them earlier to confirm, but got voice mail; I left a message and hoped for the best. 🙂 I didn’t take it personally.

My other friend was on time and ready to go, but her daughter wasn’t going to be with us; only her son and a friend of his. Not a big deal to me, but the youngest, being a girl, was disappointed. Remembering the advice of the morning, I pulled her aside and told her to “roll with it”. She did and ended up having a fun time. 🙂

Somewhere on the first 9 holes, I got a hole in one! 🙂 ‘Nuff said on that one!

The friend who we never got a yea or nay from showed up somewhere around the 16th hole with her WHOLE family in tow! 🙂 And I had the opportunity to heckle them for a few holes before the chilly air dictated that we head home, leaving them to finish the last 9. BUT we got to see them too!! 🙂

OH! AND I have tickets to a sold out show that I bought the DAY they went on sale – Finger Eleven/Chevelle in a very small venue. I’ve been looking forward to it since December when I bought them!  The show is this Saturday and I found out last night that it doesn’t start until 10pm! We’re not comfortable leaving the kids alone that late, so my hubby says, “can’t you just find somebody to go with you and I’ll stay home?” 😦  So far, no takers. Yes, I will be very disappointed, but I also figured if I’m meant to go, I’ll find someone to go with me. 🙂

SOooo, the point to all that is that VERY little of my day today worked out like I “planned” or like I thought it was going to. But I believe that it ended up being very much so exactly as it was supposed to, despite my best laid plans. Everything flowed.

There have been times in the past where I would have harbored “hurt feelings” or “justified anger” towards many different players in today’s day – from my daughter who I got up early for … to the hairdresser who happened to be at lunch … to my daughter’s friend for changing the party time at the last minute … to my husband for wanting to go run an errand after dropping her off,  when I wanted to get home to shower … to the Walmart co-occupants who lingered in the middle of the aisles and walked slowly … to my son for waiting until 5:30 to get into the shower … I think its pretty obvious that the list could run on and on.  But as each of these things came up I breathed in slowly…and out slowly, letting the expectations out with each exhale. I kept reminding myself to “flow with the changes” and to not let MY expectations of outcomes cloud the realities of the present. More importantly, I sought to find the positive unexpected outcomes in each turn of the road. And found them! 🙂

It was an epiphany of sorts about expectations and opportunities. I didn’t get what I expected when I woke up this morning, but I had plenty of occasions to appreciate the unexpected rewards of NOT having things work out like I thought they would.

Seriously. How cool is that? 


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