Imagination (Osho Meditation)

Using Imagination to Change Negative to Positive

First thing in the morning, imagine yourself tremendously happy. Get out of bed in a very happy mood — radiant, bubbling, expectant — as if something perfect, of infinite value, is going to happen today. Get out of the bed in a very positive and hopeful mood, with the feeling that this day is not going to be an ordinary day — that something exceptional, extraordinary, is waiting for you; something is very close by. Try and remember it again and again for the whole day. Within seven days you will see that your whole pattern, your whole style, your whole vibration, has changed.

When you go to sleep in the night, just imagine that you are falling into divine hands…as if God is supporting you, that you are in His lap, falling asleep. Just visualize it and fall asleep. The one thing to carry is that you should go on imagining and let sleep come, so that the imagination enters into sleep; they are overlapping.

Don’t imagine any negative thing, because if people who have an imaginative capacity imagine negative things, they start happening. If you think that you are going to get ill, you will get ill. If you think that somebody is going to be rude to you, he will be. Your very imagination will create the situation.

So if a negative idea comes, immediately change it to a positive thought. Say no to it. Drop it immediately; throw it away.

Within a week you will start feeling that you are becoming very happy — for no reason at all.

Osho: The Passion for the Impossible, #3
Awesome meditation. 🙂

5 Responses

  1. i believe that. i call it living a self-fulfilling prophecy…

  2. It is indeed!
    And experience and time have improved my skill at recognizing when I need to practice it consciously, but there are still times when that negativity creeps up from behind and tries to pull me down. Sometimes I’m so used to being that person (from the past) that I don’t even hear it – I just start reacting to it!
    Then I hear the “doom and gloom” or “catastrophising” color of my thoughts, stop, think ,
    “OMG! Can you HEAR yourself?? Snap out of it! (in true Moonstruck fashion)”
    and then laugh at my absurdities. 🙂 It really does get better (read ARCHIVES if in doubt), but I have to make a conscious choice these days when I can.
    I’m also very blessed to have quite a few true friends who will echo almost verbatim the same thing – though I don’t always see it that way, I’m grateful nonetheless!

  3. Ok, You have convinced me…I’m gonna give it a shot, if only to prove it wrong, or just out of spite. heh. I’ll keep you posted. 😉

  4. Hey! I bounced out of bed all bubbly with expectations of great things coming my way! 🙂 I do like this better even if nothing great does come my way but I reckon breathing and being sober will have to do today.

  5. AWESOME!!!

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