Mischevious Thoughts

Another day has come to pass and I have been worn down by it. I sat on the floor, combing through even more pictures, books, journals and the like. Sitting in the same position on the floor for over 3 hours, so absorbed that I didn’t even notice how much time had passed was not the best thing for my back or neck! (DUH) Now I’m going to collapse into my bed, resting myself up for what is technically the first day of my kids’ Spring Break.

Going to go with another musing from a little over 3 years ago. Finding so many treasures from my past is helping fill my pages when I’ve put my GOTTA’s ahead of my WANNA’s for the day!



Tuesday, March 29, 2005

What is it about a mischievous state of mind that is so full of energy?

Is it the very nature of that higher energy that draws me in, then sets me up high?

The power of holding the something close to me,

hugging it in and feeling the light shining out from the gaps in between?

I know it lights me from within ~ I’ve seen it shining back at me, a reflection in my eyes.

A mirth that is barely kept quiet, ready to burst out at the first moment of weakness!

It fills me up and spills over into the somber moments,

soaking them in its disdain for the pretenses of what is dictated as the proper decorum in life.

On the inside I feel like I’m pacing…

God! I want to spring from the illusions that have held me

A deep-seated yearning for what I KNOW exists

outside this finite box that is the facade I created to fit the everyone’s expectations

I made myself over for so long into the person that I saw reflected in everyone else’s eyes

Never did it contain what my soul’s image was made of

That entity – that impish, joyful, FREE spirit that peeks from behind these eyes

Mischievously seeking to play

Stepping to the edge,

preparing to dive in ….


One Response

  1. So what are you guys doing for Spring Break? I’m working of course. Blech.

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