Slow Sleepy moment

I tried and tried to post Jason Mraz’s new video on here, “I’m Yours”,
but to no avail! “Video unavailable” is all that comes up, which may be correct, since the world premiere was yesterday! 🙂

BUT, watch it and pay attention to the lyrics – I love the visual interpretation of the words!!

…it will definitely be on the next installment of my “Volumes” music mix (I’ll post later about that, for those who don’t know what I’m referring to). GO HERE TO SEE IT AND LISTEN, please?

And then tell me whatcha think!

(written earlier)—————————————————————-

Feeling that slow, stretchy mood pour over me this morning.

Content in this moment, as each one unfolds itself.

I wish I could share it, and a pervasive sadness continues to shadow my days to that end.

But the overall warmth of the experience eases that ache.

God! I wish I had the words to describe this!

My heart feels full enough to burst … My senses are all unfettered and in motion and harmony…

my spirit rests easily, gently rocking into and out of the sunlight that warms the breeze on my skin…

a resonating vibration fills every fiber of me, pulling all of me together into one unified and continuous wave of sound…

And I have done nothing differently beyond existing in this moment,

attuning myself more to it and less to the distractions of my surroundings.

I know its a fleeting experience, but I want so badly to SHOUT it out loud and TELL someone ~ so they can share in it too!

Should I share it, would they in turn acknowledge or affirm even the possibility of such a profound experience? without judgment and with love and compassion…

Perhaps there are exceptions, I dunno.

Thanks for letting me share this here, despite the empty space between our worlds!

I hope happiness is where you are and

I pray that by some miracle of grace that this touches you wherever you may be, right now,

in the form of an enveloping and warm sensation wrapping you in love, peace, and rest.

Loving exponentially, in this moment’s joy,



2 Responses

  1. Oh I like it, I like the melody for sure and the lyrics are good too. It makes me want to abandon reason and runaway to Key West!!

  2. thanks for the ‘touch’, i got it…

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