Shiny Things

I wrote this back in November of 2004, under the title Shiny Things – how ironic that its my screen name today!!

It’s pertinent today, as it was then too. With many of my brain cells gone, I need refreshers and reminders of important things constantly! One way to do this is to pull old musings back up for another read. It HAS been over 3 years, after all, since I wrote it, but hearing it again after so long is ringing bells deep inside.

Maybe it has something you can take with you, too!



Every day when I open my email, I get a “thought for today” -obviously something meant to get my mind going in a positive direction.

There are days where my frame of reference is already such that reading a ‘positive’ thought is like…

well, fingernails on a chalkboard.

Some days catch my attention and spark my interest more so, because they mirror some facet of an internal process.

The segments that make up the soul of me.

And as that continues to conjoin and regenerate, change and grow, I absorb everything pertinent to that process; some bits contribute and blend well.

Those concepts get internalized – bring about a different version of an existing component.

Of course, many things get spit right back out!

Occasionally, if my perception is opened to all of the world’s collective wisdom,

I notice a theme. Hmmm…

Some concept, emotion, word, question…a common thread that thrusts itself into my awareness.

As if my Creator were trying to offer me a crucial gift, if only I would open my soul’s eyes to see and accept it.

These things, I have learned through stubborn experience, will continue to be placed in my path

until I learn to pick them up, dust them off, recognize their beauty, value (yes, see that they are shiny!), and usefulness,

see what difference their contribution can make in the ever-changing process of becoming.

They SHOUT to something in me.

Not usually a comfortable sensation, as growth of any sort is inevitably pain.

No pain, no gain….Yeah, yeah, yeah. I KNOW!

This was one of the LOUDER “Thoughts for Today” – thought I would share it with ya’ll.

May your soul be blessed today

by sensual, intellectual, and emotional opportunities!


“‘All the arts we practice are apprenticeship. The big art is our life.’

M. C. Richards

What you do is not who you are.
You are more, much more, than that.

It’s easy to get so caught up in what we do that we’re only identifying ourselves through our daily tasks. I am a mechanic. I am a parking lot attendant. I am a doctor. I am a dishwasher. …we deny ourselves the chance to ever be anything else.

We limit ourselves by believing that’s all we are and all we’ll ever be.

Our concept of who we are is one of the hardest, but most rewarding, ideas we can change.

If you have been brought up believing that you are lazy,for example,

you will probably demonstrate this belief in your actions until you identify that idea, let go of it, and let yourself be something else.

Don’t limit yourself.

Stop seeing yourself as a static being.

If I am just a parking lot attendant, how can I hope to ever influence and live through my words, my art, my music, and my life?

But if I am a vital, living, growing soul, who happens to be parking people’s cars, then everything I do can become a symphony.

I can learn the lessons that I am supposed to learn at this place in my life, and I can move on to other lessons.

We all have the God-given power to change.

You’re more than just what you do.

You’re a vital, vibrant soul that came here to experience, grow, and change.

Make a masterpiece out of your life.

Limitless Possibilities on the Horizons

3 Responses

  1. Lively life moving thoghts there. In a sense nothing is mightier than thoughts for a simple tiny thought can trigger fire across the globe. Let us not limit ourselves. Thanks.

  2. oh yes, coincidences? i think not…. someone’s trying to tell you something, and at times that requires reminders. nice one!

  3. YUM! I ate this one up! Thanks Lele….I like your theme here lately:)

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