Osho Quote of the Day

One of my favorite Osho Quotes. Just a thought to leave you with 🙂 ~me


Couple at sunset by ~s0methingprofound

“You can let relationship drag you under

into the murky world of the unconscious.

You can throw ‘relationship’ away

because it seems too hard.

Or you can bring in a little flame of awareness

and start to transform the nature of your love.

Choicelessly choose.






The joy of love

is the exploration of consciousness.

If you relate, and don’t reduce it to a ‘relationship’,

then the other will become a mirror to you.

Exploring the other, unawares

you will be exploring yourself too.

Getting deeper into the other,

knowing their feelings,

their thoughts,

their deeper stirrings,

you will be knowing your own deeper stirrings too.

Lovers become mirrors to each other,

and then love becomes

a meditation.”



5 Responses

  1. Great profound thoght to live and love. LUV osho.

  2. “Love” is such a nicer word than “relationship”.

  3. I was skimming through some files I had (Under the auspiciously titled folder “Quips, Quotes, and Things of Note”) and ran across this one. I don’t care how many times I’ve read it or the length of time between readings, it always makes me smile 🙂 I’ve been a fan of Osho since I first found him.
    AND it inspired me to want to delve deeper into my files, as that one was saved in 2005!

  4. Thanks for this! I am a sannyasin of Osho’s…Krishna Naseem, yes his discourses bring a light. Have you read his books? Heard him speak?
    Luvs and peace to you…Krishna aka: Deb

  5. osho at his best

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