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I have spent yet another day from morning until after 9pm going through boxes and pictures and clothes and STUFF! But I wanted to post something and I thought this was really sweet!

My hubby is a very thoughtful man. Now, I know most people who don’t know him well probably wouldn’t think it, but he does the “little” things that I would never THINK to ask for! Like when we were dating and very poor college students, our first Christmas he filled up my stocking with little things I had mentioned wanting or needing, mostly as thinking out loud type murmurings – a pyrex measuring cup, some Pond’s facial cleaner, a filagree silver ring, etc. It was incredible!! Half of the things I had forgotten even saying out loud and I was amazed that he was even listening, much less paying THAT much attention!! πŸ™‚

SO that was back in 1986. Fast forward 22 years later.

Last night we were sitting in front of the fire, absent-mindedly checking email while watching the Bourne Supremacy, when he looks up with a funny expression at me. “What?” I ask. “I HAVE to show you what I got you, ” he says.

Money lately, is tight. I don’t want to hurt his feelings or rain on his obvious pleasure, but does he really NEED to by buying me anything online?? BUT…I just say, “You shouldn’t have, but you obviously can’t wait. What is it?”


He turns his laptop to face me, with a huge grin and says, “look”.

My FAVORITE stuff that NATURALLY they are going to stop making!!
And THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is what makes him so sweet! Its not the first time I have fallen in love with something, only to have the manufacturers stop making it! AND its not the first time he’s Ebay’ed it until he found it, then surprised me with it.(Last time it was a style of Madienform bra they quit making-he found me 8 in varying colors! or the Old Navy brand “Curvy” jeans.)
So that box up there with all the “mini” Neutrogena Cleanser in it should be arriving shortly. And I will be able to continue to enjoy using it a little longer.
Its just another example of a little thing that endears him to me and makes me smile in gratitude. Its just a small example of why I feel so lucky that he loves me and another out of infinite examples
of why I love him.



3 Responses

  1. you are incredibly fortunate to have found him!

  2. aaawwww, that IS sweet. I always had a feeling about the hubby being that way though. πŸ˜‰ Others see it too, we really do. Especially lately. I would greatly appreciate someone listening to me like that and then following through! Way too cool.

  3. I am in awe of you both! You are an inspiration for me in this little segment of life we call..marriage.

    go go go drewbie-dewbie-doooo!

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