Words and ineffability


So..if words are what we are given to ineptly try and connect with those we love,

those that I love must realize that they would be covered with


and phrases

and quips

and poetry

and prose

enough to fill an unending epic novel

whose pages number beyond infinity!

What a great visual in my mind’s eye too, by the way.

…Sigh.. yes, ’tis true.

Words are the sustenance of my life’s feelings

~they grow in proportion

to the moments I am able to spend with the people in my life.

A delicious paradox of sorts, if truly considered ~

the words feed the feelings,

which in turn inspire the words,

that build up the feelings,

which then simply MUST be expressed somehow

through the only real option – WORDS

that in turn expand my heart’s space, exponentially!

I am telling you!

To those I love I say: Look in a mirror…

‘Living without regrets’ may get a bit redundant

to the recipients of my sappiness,

but it is my intention that they will KNOW

precisely and without question

just what they mean to me and how much they are loved and appreciated.

I certainly do not wish to awaken one day

to the fact that I had opportunities presented to tell them or show them how profoundly I love them

and they were wasted by my self doubts or head games or petty jealousies.

So I am compelled to continue beating my head against the keyboard

in varying forms and phrases to let them know…

to be understood.. or be as close as is humanly possible

to verbalizing something which is indescribable and





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  1. beautifully said! can’t agree more!!!

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