Whew! This was one of those weekends…you know! The ones that WHOOSH by you? πŸ™‚

We took a day trip to Birmingham to visit family that was converging there from Atlanta and Delaware. Here’s a condensed version:

Pulling into the Summit parking lot, we saw this awesomely fun Bug: COOL BUG

My oldest showed up with a weary look to meet us for lunch at Zoe’s. When I said, “Not to sound like your MOM, but you look tired!”, she told me about her night: (paraphrased)

“I didn’t get home until after 7 this morning…last night after we left rehearsal of As You Like It around 10:30, we went to a birthday party for a friend in Southside… around 12:30, there were 12-15 people on the back porch when the porch collapsed! …

The Back Porch 12

5 people dialed 911, so there were ALOT of emergency vehicles on the scene…someone pointed out that I was a nursing major, so I did what I could. Somehow, I ended up with, like, 9 cell phones – everyone asking me to call their parents, so I made a whole bunch of ‘Mr. So and So? I know its 2am and I’m sorry to be calling so late, but your son/daughter (fill in name) was on a porch that collapsed…no, they are hurt, but ok and are going to be at (fill in hospital)‘. Apparently, I have PR skills …when calling to find out where my friends were taken, the police kept referring to them as ‘oh! you’re looking for one of ‘The Back Porch 12’!’ Oh! and it was a 60’s theme, so everyone was in their 60’s era clothing…I didn’t leave the hospital and get home until around 7 this morning, so yeah. I’m tired.”

Nobody was seriously hurt, thank goodness! Just a few broken bones, bruises, cuts and scrapes, and tired friends! (I bet the birthday girl doesn’t forget this birthday for a lonnnnng time!)

After lunch, the kids took an unplanned swim in the indoor pool at the hotel (after a quick run to Target for a suit) while the adults talked, then everyone met for dinner at a Chinese restaurant for dinner. Twas a LONG day, though fun!

Today? Today found me prepping a room for painting and right now I think one of my contacts is stuck WAY up behind my eyeball…arrrgh!! Better get to finding it so I can get some sleep! 😦 … maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to play catch up on my blogging. (though this technically counts) πŸ™‚



One Response

  1. Cool.

    Love the bug.

    Glad your oldest was OK and everyone else involved.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Miss ya.

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