Snapshots (written 11/06)


I was asked recently to go through my photographs, choosing some of my favorites for printing.

How does one go about choosing a favorite?

My habitual picture taking falls in line with all the other quirky things on the inside of me that bleed out
Like how I feel compelled to try and use words to describe ineffable things.

Making a pretty picture is not what its about for me.
Its about trying to share a moment beyond the boundaries of time.
Reaching inside and finding a chord struck that would have remained silenced and seeing if it resonates with other people

I had a dream about it a couple of months ago, written in my dream journal:

I was setting up camp with a few friends. We were down in a valley, having hiked the mountains surrounding us, finally finding a good, clear spot to settle in before night fell.

The tops of the trees on the ridge to the left were covered in snow.
Not in a normal sense, but “blobs” of snow, very odd-looking, rounded and hanging midway down the pines.
Looking to my right, the sun was setting.

A sense of urgency and quickening of activities surrounding me
we had better hurry if we wanted to be done before dark.
Suddenly, the sun hit that moment in its decent across the horizon
when the colors burst into oranges and reds and pinks.
And all around me there was a complete and awed silence
as every single one of us stopped everything we were doing, caught up in looking across the sky

The snow on the treetops on the opposite ridge seemed to breathe in all the light and color.

Beyond a mere reflection, each snow crystal was visible,
every aspect of its prisms reflecting the colors and brilliance on the opposite side of the sky at least a thousand fold.

As I started to exhale, I instinctively began looking for my camera –
I HAD to try and capture that moment!!
I NEEDED, on a very deep level, to share what was for me a moment when time stopped

and something beyond my comprehension occured, causing a perceived shift inside of me.


It was the first time I consciously realized WHY I love photography.

I went to a talk recently, given by Charles Needle
(an excellent photographer and an extraordinary person, for the record.)
He began by introducing himself by name, telling us how he came to become a photographer. He shared that he had majored in English, completing a master’s in Journalism. He had worked as a journalist for 15 years when he had a physical ailment that eventually led him to what was within him all along.
But what REALLY caught my attention
was when he stated that rather than telling us a lot of facts about himself, he was going to “TELL US WHO HE WAS THROUGH HIS PICTURES”
He let his photography show us who he was, beyond what words he could use to describe himself.

He had me with that.

Every one of them holds some part of me in them.
Every one of them captures something beyond the 2 dimensional representation of that space in time.

Some part of my heart, some part of my soul


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  1. Wow! I’m so flattered you would mention me in your blog. Can’t tell who you are, so please drop me an e-mail to let me know. Glad I had such a profound impact upon you. Best wishes for your continuing success….



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