Yellow Sticky Note

‘Try and stay busy. Keep moving mentally…’

Sticking my head down into the sand for as long as I can hold my breath and NOT feel this…this…whatever “this” is.

Cold-distance-loneliness-forlorn-bereft-greyness … pick any or all of them, they all have a place in it.

I find more and more each and every day to what degree my fears latch onto me and the realization just drags me down!
Shames me. Profoundly.
And I hate to admit it.
I am supposed to be the one that keeps on going. Nothing slows me or keeps me down!
I can “SMILE” and act as if.
So is it when I acknowledge those fears and doubts, that it doesn’t work anymore?
Loses its power? Hiding them behind the “s’all good”? Sometimes anyway?
Please don’t get me wrong… I LOVE this life!
I love so many aspects of it – I don’t have time to type them all….so many things that just stop me dead in my tracks in awe.Little things, big things. ALL of the quirks of life and nature.
The humor.
The beauty.
The music of life and lights and colors and feel of the seasons and sun on my skin.
The look in someone’s eyes when they open themselves up.
The smell of my kids hair when they first wake up.
The hour before dawn breaks on a new day..
THOSE things are the substances of my existence.
They keep me going…
When that dense, light-extinguishing bank of foggy greyness rolls over me,
Do me a favor?
Remind me of those things sometimes?
Be my yellow sticky note?

One Response

  1. For me, and this only speaks of this past three day weekend, my yellow sticky notes were the fog we had early Saturday morning, this book I’m reading titled, “The Sound of Paper”, and believe it or not the work we did yesterday on the courtyard and we are so sore this morning! lol

    Love ya, keep writing. We need to get together again, even if it’s just us or the three of us…and even if it’s just for lunch or coffee. I say we meet at Starbuck’s one day for lunch/coffee break. I miss ya’ll.

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