Intrinsically You

Hope your day is moving along providing you with more satisfaction and joy than you knew was possible!

And no, I DONT think that is asking too much or hoping for too much.

If you look at it in moments at a time and appreciate the vast untapped opportunities in each one,
the miracles that exist are only in your limited expectations, not in the limitless possibilities!

In other words,

I hope the end of today found you with no regrets and that you did, in fact, GRAB life with BOTH hands!!
That you laughed alot. That you found lil things to be in awe of.
That you made at least one person feel for a moment that they were wonderful.

That you realized for a moment that what you bring to this life – to those of us fortunate enough to have found you – is infinitely more than you take out of it.
And that what you bring is so intrinsically YOU, nobody else can duplicate it either.



2 Responses

  1. Perfect for the picture! She IS intrinsically you.
    Keep it up I love your writing

  2. For a babbler I really don’t possess anything,from any dictionary, to give proper justice to every emotion that you’ve
    caressed, so I won’t. I’ll just THANK YOU, then invite you to
    link back to YO’pinion Theragraphiq Arts wikizine article:
    An Open Opportunity, you have a VERY open request to be
    ONE of the BILLION.

    D’Ellis/Mohandas Lighque

    when one, who’s looking for TRUTH, travels one direction
    constantly they’ll,eventually, return to the original,starting question.

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