‘Ello Ya’ll!

It was brought to my attention that I needed to start “writing again”.

Once upon a time, I wrote constantly. For varying reasons, including an unbelievably unhealthy dose of butt-headedness, I put down the pen and did not write anything for quite a while. “Things To Do” lists notwithstanding, I refused to write or journal or record in written form my life as it unfolded. The funny thing is, life continues to come at me and my reactions, thoughts, and feelings are truly like flowing water; if I don’t release them on paper, they will find a way out or around! Music compilations have been a noble substitute for expressing without actually “saying” anything. I am drained from the effort of NOT writing anymore! At the urging of some good friends, I have resolutely and tentatively begun again.

They say that it’s like riding a bike…or is it falling off a horse? Of course, if “they” had ever actually watched me ride a bike or examined the scars on my legs from my graceful younger years, I believe the horse analogy would have been more appropriate – “they” probably would have remained mute on the subject of trying again!

Its not as easy as I always assumed it would be, so I’ve resolved to take baby steps and simply try. And while working my way back in, I’m pulling pages written from my past.

My life is a learning curve. Getting back to the girl who loved to write will be a journey, just like everything else!



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