Sometimes, the simplest answers to my questions? I TRIP over!

I keep finding myself taking things SO personally,

when really there is nothing in my life that occurs that IS personal –

Usually, its my unspoken expectations of what I hope or fear may happen that cause me to react to situations and people in my life…

as though whatever it was that I perceived – either insult and injury or kudos and admiration – was somehow PERSONAL against or for me!

The REALITY of it is that every exchange, interaction, situation, relationship, etc. that I’m involved with on a person to person level is unique to the other person and their perceptions.

The man who almost ran me off the road on the interstate?

Maybe he just lost his job and was lost in thought, never seeing me…

The friend who doesn’t wave hello or seem thrilled to see me?

Maybe they just found out that their family member is dying and are preoccupied with the “what if?” …

The person who I reach out to touch that removes my hand?

Maybe its not about me and them not wanting my touch … maybe its about some personal space and that’s just who they are, for all the reasons that led them to be that way in their past…

In any situation, I find myself assuming that it is, in fact personal.


But! Suppose I manage to rise above that and realize that everyone, including myself, do things…hundreds of things daily…that just simply are?

No intent to harm or hurt.

Or conversely, if I AM trying to hurt or harm, its usually not about that person, but some internal mechanism in me that is operating.

Baggage that hasn’t been checked.

Issues that breed those self doubts.

All contained within this soul

unbeknownst to the other and unexcused.

So if I can realize that all of the slights and insults and carelessness others do are not really TO me, maybe I will be better able to see and appreciate all those positives that come from risking the pain of being open and as in the moment as is possible for me to be.

And maybe I can become more aware of how I also affect people around me, even unconsciously, and have less amends to make as a result.


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