On My Mind

Whenever I register someone is on my mind

and allow myself to really see them there

I send out the most positive, “world-exploding-in-love” energy out to them.

Although at times they probably can’t feel it,
when that darkness is hovering over them, waiting to descend …
all I can tell you is that if they LOOK for it,
its there.
If they close their eyes and really try to feel it,
they will.
And in those moments of relief
where they forget about it all for even a few moments at a time,
I would be willing to bet you anything that if they really looked at what was at the very base of that moment or so
a moment of lightness and smiling …
or the moment or so of laughing….
or the moments or so of just flat out peace, however long they last…
they would find what I (and everyone who loves them in this world) have sent to them:
I know it sounds hokey.
You may not believe me. Not completely.
And thats okay.
I do. Believe.
I know it.
And they know it,
even if they forgot it right now
in the face of whatever is closing in around them.
Its still there.

Everytime I feel a presence in me…
see someone I love in the world around me…
Have someone “pop” into my mind…
I believe for every time that happens
My heart and soul “emit” (for lack of a better word)
a wish..
a prayer…
a pulse of pure energy…
which finds them, wherever they are.
It’s part of that Grace we always talk about for me,
though The Creator’s Grace is THE MAIN DEAL.
But I really do think
that the little things that we pass to each other in every day life
are also forms of grace to support each other…
connect with each other…even when we are not conscious of it.
Guess that’s a sort of a form of faith, huh?
I mean, basically, I may not SEE it physically..
or hear,touch,feel,smell….sense it in any way..
but I know its still there.
Just as I am still here.
ALL around them.
And Oh! If these things were tangible
they would be overwhelmed with them!
Deluged with them!
Infused by them!
Knocked down on their ASS by all this LOVE descending onto them
from this one lil heart that loves unfathomably.
Imagine if they add into it all the other people who love them. 🙂
What a great thought!
If ‘it’ were colors & my love could be seen?
It’s the amber/gold/crimson that is found as the sun rises and sets.
I claim THAT color as mine!
Yes, mine. Dibs.
So every time you see the streaks of the entering and exiting sun
painting the sky as it rises and sets, well…
That’s me….
Know it!


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  1. I LOVE this one! You carry a beautiful soul LeLe

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