Mirroring Echoes

Note: I discovered this passage written on the back of a sheet of paper, tucked between the seat and the console of my car
…I remember writing it; its WHEN I did that eludes me!

Mirroring Echoes  

Finding within what was written long ago
Transversing both space and time
Indelibly ingrained 

Soul pushes at the restrictions

Imposed by the mind’s perceptions
Screaming to be seen and felt
Above the din of deceptions

No other can read another’s soul story

Written within in a language
Only spoken by the Creator


At times worlds collide
The echoes of impact carrying a familiar stream of sounds
Like a melody intuitively known
With no memory to recall

Drawn back

Deeper into a yearning
undefined yet regrettably known

A part of who we have always been

That presses outward,
gauging the pressure and measure given back

Seeking a distant familiarity

Finding indentity within yet
from outside of ourselves

Its like a homecoming

Wrapped in comfort
All things unknown, yet understood

The bondage of logic no longer holds us

As we turn inside out
matching pieces of ourselves

In the imprint of another’s soul
that we have somehow always known

Stretching beyond the boundaries of this life



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