Grieves the Dawn

Grieve the Dawn

I do that
I grieve the dawn some days

Not for what it brings, in the birth of a new day
But for what dreams are lost in that beginning

Some days I wake up and feel the day’s inception wash over me
Blissfully unaware of the lives left behind
in my dreamscape that whispered so quietly
I never knew what was lost

Yet sometimes, under the watchful eyes of the stars
My heart and soul take my mind for a wondrous ride
Reveling in the faces and places, yearnings beyond my consciousness
while my body takes respite from the exertions of the day

As the dawn breaks through what lies between wake and sleep
In the dawning of realization that I must now leave it behind
My soul and heart cry out with the anguish of bereaved loss
Rebelling, bargaining, and regretfully acquiescing
Still yet grieving what the dawn has stolen away



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