Blue Funk

Heartsick adj

1: full of sorrow

2: without or almost without hope; “despondent about his failure”; “too heartsick to fight back”

Dis·con·so·late adj.

  1. Seeming beyond consolation; extremely dejected: disconsolate at the loss of the dog.
  2. Cheerless; gloomy: a disconsolate winter landscape.
in doldrums, blue, cheerless, dejected, depressed,
despairing, despondent, disconsolate, dismal, doleful, down, downcast,
forlorn, gloomy, glum, heavy-hearted, hurting,
languishing, low, low-spirited, lugubrious,
melancholy, morose, pensive, pessimistic,
somber, sorrowful, wistful, woebegone,
cast down, chapfallen, crestfallen,
daunted, disappointed, discouraged, dispirited, down-in-the-mouth, downhearted, dragged, droopy, dull,
listless, miserable, moody, mopey, oppressed, sad, shot down, sunk,
troubled, weighed down, broken, beaten, browbeaten, crippled, crushed, defeated, demoralized, disheartened, humbled, oppressed, overpowered, subdued, tamed, vanquished


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